Because sometimes all we need is our ear drums shattered by the weight of music, the force of distortion, and the insanity of noise.


Old Man Gloom

Super groups that are actually super are a rare thing nowadays, but it was never really fair to call Old Man Gloom a super group as they were more a meeting of musical minds, friends, and colleagues than they ever were a band. Old Man Gloom features Aaron Turner (ISIS/owner of Hydrahead Records), Santos Montano (Zozobra/ISIS), Nate Newton (Converge/Doomriders) and Caleb Scofield (Cave In/Zozobra). They’ve never been a band made for the fundamentals of the industry, as made evident by their unexpected awakening this year after a long period of dormancy.

It has been eight years since Old Man Gloom last put out an album, but NO hit the streets this year, and the band which is hardly a band played some shows. “Rats” is the perfect example of what Old Man Gloom can do. They are a brooding, self-loathing monster that clearly don’t give a shit what is going on. Ambient, suffocating, troll-like noises echo throughout the speakers until it launches into the sludge that the band, despite hardly being a band, does better than so many others.

09/03 Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo w/ William Fowler Collins, Sad Vicious, & Ides Of Gemini
09/04 San Diego, CA @ @ Soda Bar w/ William Fowler Collins, Sad Vicious, & Ides of Gemini
09/05 San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of the Hill w/ William Fowler Collins & Sad Vicious
09/08 Seattle, WA @ Highline Bar


Burning Love

Burning Love are one of the latest stellar signings from Southern Lord Records, who are basically acquiring a monopoly of heaviness in America at the moment. Featuring Chris Colohan of the very excellent and sadly departed Cursed, Burning Love blend a lovely mesh of dirty southern style rock and roll with hardcore punk and metal tendencies. The result is one of the most rocking albums of the year and one that shouldn’t be missed by anyone.

The band just got done punishing crowds across the states on the Southern Lord summer tour so hold your breath and bank on them coming back around to your hometown in no time flat.


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