Oh, but of course Oakland’s Randy Colosky is the main artist showing at this month’s Gallery Hijinks (2309 Bryant St., San Francisco) show (stated in a knowing-yet-pleasantly-surprised way)!

Nondeterministic Algorithm. shown below, is a series of seven ink drawings on paper that use repetition of the same shapes to plot unique paths in three-dimensional space, like slithering cosmic Slinkys. Given their color palettes, one might almost expect for them to pop out and swallow you into a cascading vortex, upon one’s donning of a pair of 3-D glasses — or perhaps even without.

The show is on display through April 28th, 2012. Below, Colosky gives some insight into his artwork.


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Says Colosky about his own art:

In my artistic practice I seek beauty in common or industrial materials and processes by altering their standard functions. Drawing on my own family history in the building trades, I delve into the character of materials and building process and then deconstruct them with ideas they would not typically be associated with. I look to take what is familiar and ubiquitous in our lives and show that another dimension of esthetics and thought can be achieved with these materials. I like to set up a polarity of familiarity and unfamiliarity as a way to engage the viewer and allow for a gateway to question what is considered pedestrian and what is considered high art. Ultimately I strive to create a formal language with my work that references my experiences of personal transformation that happened through having belief in the unfamiliar and openness to strange new possibilities.


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