Remix City
Sifting through mountains of remix trash so you don’t have to, in an attempt to find the ones that contribute to their originals. Portland’s Radiation City and Denmark’s Fallulah both get their indie turned dance.



Fallulah’s solo material definitely lives more in sultry Feist territory than on dance floors — and “I Lay My Head” is almost much too obvious an example of that — but Shook’s remix of the track turns it from a hand-clapping, foot-stomping kind-of good time into one you want to wiggle your elbows, bend your knees, and get down James Brown style to. Fallulah, aka Maria Apetri, has her debut full-length, The Black Cat Neighbourhood, coming out August 21st on MBM Records.

Fallulah – “I Lay My Head” (Shook Remix)

Fallulah – “I Lay My Head” (Original)



Radiation City

Portland indie pop band Radiation City get jazz-disco on this Palmas remix of “Find It Of Use”! The original track was all sorts of swirling dramas, but Palmas turns that on its head by creating a remix for you to get your sideways-head-bobbin’ summer neck work on. Now’s the perfect time for these tracks, as the sun’s finally coming out in Radiation City’s hometown of Portland, Oregon. Radiation City’s Cool Nightmare EP is now out on Tender Loving Empire.

Radiation City – “Find It Of Use” (Palmas Remix)

Radiation City – “Find It Of Use” (Original)


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