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Sifting through mountains of remix trash so you don’t have to, in an attempt to find the ones that contribute to their originals. Fixers get remixed by Memory Tapes, Jonas Schwartz by Rebel Rebel, and Command V by Max Pask.



This Memory Tapes remix of Fixers’ “Crystals”, from their debut EP, gets some bonus points for its unconventional merging of sounds, Indian raga vibes, and squealing synths towards the end of the track. The band’s Pop Meat/Your Corruptor EP is out now on Dolphin Love Records (blar). You can hear the original HERE.

Fixers – “Crystals” (Memory Tapes Remix)


Jonas Schwartz

Swedish pop artist Jonas Schwartz gets a disco remix courtesy of Rebel Rebel, full of meandering androgynous vocals, plenty of breathing room, and congas! At a little after four minutes, it really starts to get into an excellent groove. The original is really, really vastly different.


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Jonas Schwartz – “Ideas” (Rebel Rebel Discomix)

Jones Schwartz – “Ideas” (Original)


Command V

Oh, such a weird but compelling dance track — perhaps even with vocals that might be described as intrepidly unselfconscious. This might sound like a back-handed compliment… well, it kind of is, but the fascination in its bizarre qualities are what makes the track post-worthy. Out now on Mush Records.

Command V – “Lost On Me” (Max Pask Remix)

Command V – “Lost On Me”


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