The 2012 Seattle International Film Festival begins on May 17th, 2012! In the next few days, we will be providing film previews for our top SIFF picks of the year. Times and dates are subject to change, so please visit before heading to theatres, or see HERE for all film preview coverage, including film selections from other regions of the world.



Directed by Julia Murat

A youthful photographer decides to open up her eyes and mind to the stories of older individuals in a small Brazilian town, giving new perspectives on life and death.

May 22 @ 9:00pm, Harvard Exit
May 24 @ 3:30pm, SIFF Cinema Uptown



Directed by Pablo Giorgelli

A gruff Argentine truck driver is displeased when the woman he agreed to drive 900 miles to Buenos Aires shows up with a baby, but during the journey they develop a touching, hesitant connection. Winner, Camera d’Or, Cannes Film Festival.

May 28th @ 5:30pm, SIFF Cinema Uptown
May 19th @ 4:30pm, Egyptian Theatre
May 26th @ 4:00pm, Harvard Exit


Directed by Matias Meyer

In early 1930s Jalisco, a state ravaged by violent conflicts for hundreds of years, a small band of men resisted the Mexican army, refused to accept amnesty, and continued to fight valiantly against religious persecution.

May 21st @ 9:15pm, Harvard Exit
May 23rd @ 3:30pm, Harvard Exit
May 30th @ 8:30pm, SIFF Cinema Uptown


South Africa
Directed by Avie Luthra

A South African boy is orphaned and survives thanks to a friendship with an elderly woman.

May 25th @ 4:00pm, AMC Pacific Place
May 29th @ 6:00pm, SIFF Cinema Uptown
June 10th @ 3:15, Kirkland Performance Center


Directed by Daniela Seggiaro

“A compelling metaphor for Argentina’s treatment of its indigenous people, this study of the events surrounding a girl’s 15th birthday captures the tiny ways that marginalized communities struggle to maintain their spiritual identities.”

June 3rd @ 8:30pm, Harvard Exit
June 10th @ 11:00am, Harvard Exit
June 9th @ 6:00pm, SIFF Cinema Uptown


South Africa
Directed by Sara Blecher

Three black South Africans embrace surfing as a means of freedom within the societal turbulence of the late 1980s in a beautiful coming-of-age film infused with the archetypes of Shakespeare’s OTHELLO.

May 27th @ 6:00pm, Everett Performing Arts Center
June 8th @ 3:30pm, AMC Pacific Place 11
June 9th @ 6:30pm, AMC Pacific Place 11


Directed by Jaime Osorio Márquez

A paranormal thriller involving a group of soldiers who find themselves at an abandoned outpost filled with dead bodies and ritualistic markings.

May 30th @ 9:30pm, Egyptian Theatre
June 8th @ 11:59pm, Egyptian Theatre
June 10th @ 9:30pm, SIFF Cinema Uptown


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