A recurring series, featuring mesmerizing songs for one to lose sense of time and space, mind and body.


Seattle’s (blouse)usa — not to be confused with Portland’s dream poppers (?) Blouse — is the solo project of Benjamin Thomas-Kennedy. You wouldn’t think from listening that (blouse)usa would be the project of the drummer of psych rock bands LESBIAN and Fungal Abyss, but this is the more restrained, more electronic flip-side of those sonic, analog brutalities. Tammy’s Beans is available for free download on Bandcamp, or you can stream it below. What up.

Eyes, Wings And Many Other Things

This Dallas-based duo consisting of Sean French and Colin Arnold has been stirring up local attention for quite some time now. On March 16th, with the help of up-and-coming record label Pour Le Corps, they will be releasing their latest record, Napalm Beach! You can hear their debut track, “Cruelty” below (a gentle track that will no doubt leave you wondering where its title comes from).

Listen to Eyes, Wings, And Many Other Things – “Cruelty”DOWNLOAD MP3

Pour Le Corps will also be throwing their first ever SXSW showcase, which is unfortunately the same night of our SXSW show. Nevertheless — see the full details below, and get excited that Austinite Xander Harris is closing out the evening!


Side One
In Crumbles
Heat Wavering
Bad Powder

Side Two
Napalm Beach
Double Rainbow

Pour Le Corps SXSW Showcase
Dominican Joe
515 S Congress Ave at Riverside Dr.

4:00PM: Ana & Ina
4:45PM: Water Falls
5:30PM: Son Fish
6:15PM: Diamond Age
7:00PM: Keepbullfighting
7:45PM: Spacebeach
8:30PM: Tenstairs
9:15PM: Eyes, Wings & Many Other Things
10:00PM: Delores Boys
10:45PM: Darktown Strutters
11:30PM: Oedipa Pass
12:15PM: Tassels
1:00AM: Sneaky Snake
1:45AM: Xander Harris

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