A recurring series, featuring mesmerizing songs for one to lose sense of time and space, mind and body. Here, we start off a bit rowdy with Tassels and sink slowly into the enchanting mellow instrumental shores of Grapefruit and Lyonnais.


Vancouver-based producer Sean Orr will soon be releasing a new LP, the brilliantly artworked Pressure Mounts, on Dallas’ Pour Le Corps. This 2:13-long track is a whirlwind of experimentation and unconventional sound bites which curiously leave one hungering for more. Pressure Mounts drops May 29th, and the full tracklisting is available at the bottom of this post.

Tassels – “Shake Them Shackles”



Analog synths and Tangerine Dream vibes combine for Portland electronic artist Grapefruit’s latest record, which you can buy HERE on Field Hymns. Choosing a track to highlight was certainly a difficult task, so I’ve decided to take the liberty of offering you three, because… why the hell not? For download and stream is the entrancing closing track “Aleatoric Tone Tunnels”, along with “End Scene” and the music video for “Phase Accidents”. Expect an interview with Grapefruit soon!

Grapefruit – “Aleatoric Tone Tunnels”DOWNLOAD MP3

Grapefruit – “End Scene”




Shot by Lamb & Sea in the Sahara Desert, London, and Atlanta, this beautiful, sprawling music video for Lyonnais’ “A Sign From On High / Modern Calvary” is a tribute to the Soviet Western The White Sun Of The Desert and Sister Of Mercy’s music video for “Dominion”. It’s like a travel ad into a mystic universe, and you can expect more about it soon, with a Q&A with the band and director about the making of the music video. Tracklisting for their latest record can be seen below.

05/2012 Edit: Interview with Lyonnais about the Music Video for “A Sign From On High / Modern Calvary”


1. Transitive Properties Of Youth
2. The Fatalist
3. A Sign From On High
4. Modern Calvary
5. Repeat Sunset
6. Dusted at Mount Sinai

1. Science Wars
2. End Scene
3. Phase Accidents
4. Arp 2
5. Split Horizons
6. Zone Sourcing
7. Many Fades
8. High Strings
9. Aleatoric Tone Tunnels

1. Pressure Mounts
2. Steve Reich’s Stag
3.The Taurus
4. Acid
5. Gone
6. An Interlude for Solstice
7.Zeno’s Arrow
8. Can’t Have It
9. Overkill
10. Warped
11. Shake Them Shackles
12. Google Les Paul + Andy Dixon
13. Is It You


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