Stanislav Markov: A Lush Photographic Universe Presented As Sound

Though the relationship between sound and moving images is certainly easy to define, the relationship between sound and non-moving art is much more understated, for obvious reasons. Russian photographer Stansislav Markov is the first to work with REDEFINE in an audio-visual experiment of highlighting the musical inspiration that strikes one’s soul just as powerfully as visual cues might.

After Markov’s minimal photographic compositions were used on an album cover for Jesu, they caught my attention for how well they paired with Jesu’s music. I immediately began to wonder what type of musical cloud Markov lives in, as his photographic works are characterized by shadow, haze, and muted color palettes. They are rich and decadent in the most elegant and minimal sense, and I soon discovered that Markov’s musical tastes follow some of the same underlying tendencies as his photography.

Below is a 43-minute mixtape created by Markov. It contains mostly lush, minimal electronic sounds that are to be paired wit fifteen of what he describes as his “most significant images” of the moment. Listen to the mix while focusing on his Markov’s images, to gain a better understanding into his mindset and to be swept into the moment of creation.


Married In Berdichev – Light Comes
Vektroid – Wildlife Diskette
Geotic – The Logs Burn Slower Here
Silence Set – So Will Everything We Love
Bnjmn – One Sea (Lukid Remix)
Jonsi and Alex – Howl
Another Electronic Musician – Green And Olive
Our Sleepless Forest – White Bird
Hammock – North



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Vivian Hua wears a lot of random hats, but has somewhat mastered globetrotting like a hobo and evading traditional 9-to-5 work schedules. She enjoys observing human idiosyncrasies perhaps more than anything and is a magnet for homeless people (a joy) and bug bites of all types (absolutely terrible). She doesn’t want to space travel, really, which is an unpopular view these days. Through her work, she hopes to embrace the temporary while documenting the nostalgic, using divination and dream symbolism as guides through her own cosmic maze. Additional writing, photography and video work, and other crap, like her astrological chart, can be seen at She is the Editor-in-Chief of REDEFINE magazine.