Oh hell, as much as I dislike having to embed this from Rolling Stone — why does anyone still premiere anything on them, anyway, and this player plays “automatically” which is super annoying, apologies — this Unknown Mortal Orchestra song is totally a jam. Its balloon-headed characters really just seem like living embodiments (headless embodiments, that is) of the song’s title, “Thought Ballune”… ’cause “Ballune” isn’t actually how you spell balloon, and their heads are flying off presumably because they’re airheads, and being an airhead probably renders you incapable of good spelling, so you’d probably spell the word “balloon” “ballune.”

I mean, I’m guessing this is the logic behind the video and song. I may be wrong, but if so, that’s a dirty trick, UMO.

Directors – Jordan Blady / Ryan Knowles
DP – Bernard Evans
Producer – Matt Stanley
VFX – Benjamin Davidson / Katerina Arroyo / Mark Holden / Lisa Ryan

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