Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom Giveaway!

Recent influence polls with REDEFINE artists and musicians have revealed that director Wes Anderson, known for such hits as The Royal Tenenbaums, Rushmore, and Life Aquatic, has a new film out in theatres! Set in the ’60s, Moonrise Kingdom is the tale of two young kids who fall in love and run away together. When the entire island town mobilizes to search for them, everything turns unpredictable — and unpredictably filled with Boy Scout costumes.


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In honor of the release of this film, Focus Features is offering a prize pack for giveaway!

Three (3) winners who send a message to letters@redefinemag.com with the subject line “MOONRISE KINGDOM” and their name and mailing address, will receive:

• T-Shirt
• Patches (set of two)
• Picnic Set
• Canteen
• Original Soundtrack on CD (DETAILS)

A $46.99 value! See the cinematic trailer below. Winners will be chosen July 2nd, with deliveries to follow from Focus Pictures!



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