The music video for “Crescent” is a bizarre piece of work, minimal and almost Lynchian in feel, without much going on save for slow movements and small textural or geometric changes. Directed by Nick Criscuolo, it opens with what look like paintings roaring, like unbridled fires, to be followed by the slow morphing between some unusually magnetic characters (a Frankenstein-like mortician and a space cadet?).

The entire music video is largely in greyscale, tinged only by carefully-placed red accents — but such a color scheme seems appropriate for the melancholy sense of mystery that ERAAS seem to prefer (they’d rather not speak about their music videos, for example).

In the full post, you can view the music video for “Crescent”, along with the band’s previous video for “Ghost”. Both live in a similar dreary universe of beautiful confusion, but “Ghost” incorporates some more traditional music video shots of musical performance, well-timed to rhythms, and some fluttering cloaked figures. Directed by Major Jass, a husband and wife duo.


ERAAS – “Crescent” Music Video

Animated and directed by Nick Criscuolo
Culled from footage of Anima 4096

ERAAS – “Ghost” Music Video


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