An occasional touring member of the rambunctious indie band Son Lux, solo musician Jonny Rodgers makes music that seems to echo his idyllic Pacific Northwest lifestyle. Living on a farm in Eugene, Oregon’s hippie capital, one certainly can’t accuse Rodgers of being lyrically cryptic. As though his cheerful swells of indie folk weren’t enough to sonically drive home his messages of hope and love, his October 8th release on Epitonic is called Everything All At Once, and is led by the single “Let It Fill Your Whole Heart”.

Jonny Rodgers
Be not dissuaded by the heart-on-his-sleeve nature of it all, though; there is a surprising storyline here. The lyrics on “Let It Fill Your Whole Heart” are to be appreciated for their simplicity, which shines in the same way as the setting sun over farmlands gold and green. The track talks almost hypnotically about enjoying life’s blessings — a reminder that philosophers the world have spoken to this topic but the layman rarely does with such overt reverence.

Indeed, enjoying life to the fullest is the constant reminder set forth by “Let It Fill Your Whole Heart”; but as the album title implies, taking it all in is really no simple feat. Rodgers is preaching the kind of enjoyment where every fiber of your being is soaking up the energy radiating from cheerful times, and is breathing, ready, alive.

Rodgers also scores soundtracks — notable projects include Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s upcoming Don Jon and James McAvoy’s The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby — and that press photo isn’t just putting on airs; he actually does play crystal glasses as an instrument.

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* with Radical Face, # with Denison Whitmer, ^ with Son Lux
Sept 29 – LaurelThirst – Portland, OR
Oct 3 – Spaceland Ballroom – Hamden, CT
Oct 8 – Pittsburgh Winery – Pittsburgh, PA
Oct 9 – Sixth & I Historic Synagogue – Washington, DC *
Oct 10 – World Cafe Live – Philadelphia, PA *
Oct 11 – Le Poisson Rouge – NYC, NY *
Oct 13 – The Sinclair – Cambridge, MA *
Oct 15 – Lincoln Hall – Chicago, IL *
Oct 16 – Varsity Theatre – Minneapolis, MN *
Oct 18 – The Basement – Nashville, TN
Oct 19 – Emerald Lounge – Asheville, NC #
OCT 21 – The Pour House – Raleigh, NC
Oct 22 – The Garden at UVA – Charlottesville, VA
Oct 24 – Tree House Lounge – Washington, DC
Nov 4 – Joe’s Pub – NYC, NY ^
Nov 6 – Spike Hill – Brooklyn, NY
Nov 9 – Heirloom Arts Theatre – Danbury, CT