In Julian Lynch’s music video for “Gloves”, bizarre idea after bizarre idea is executed in fairly mundane settings. All of it might be a bit harder to swallow or a bit more trite if the video were just slightly more static — but its glittery lighting brilliance and creeping zoom shots somehow make its awkwardness beautiful rather than overdone. This beauty extends even to its slow-motion Macarena-meet-zombie-walk dance routines and longing exchanges between the music video’s main character and a mangled stuffed bunny rabbit.

Stream the video or read our review of Lynch’s latest album, Lines.


Director/Producer: Sarah Kinlaw
DP: Julian Kapadia
Editor: Nick Vannucci
Set Design: Natalie Fragola
Styling: Savannah Wyatt
1st AD: Ryan Mekenian
2nd AD: Bryan Wade Keller Jr
Gaffer: Noah Chamis
Key Grip: Matt Clegg
Swing: Yoni Shrira
G&E PA: Sachi Bahra
1st AC: Stuart Soloman
Camera PA: Daniel Wright
Mask: Shitty Bedford
Graphics: Ben Hill
Principal: Zoe Wardlaw
Dancers: Colin Alexander, David Andrews, Jonathan Howard, Richie Howard, Hannah Kinlaw, Zoe Ligon, Bryan Wade Keller Jr
Special THX to HAUS1025 & Colin Alexander


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