After finishing up a recent series of tour dates with Kishi Bashi, Virginia’s My Darling Fury are now premiering to the world their bright and bushy-tailed new track, “Spilled Milk”. An intentionally positive spin on a negative interaction with a former romantic partner, the track turns sunshine into darkness with glittery landscapes of instrumentals and lead vocals by Danny Reyes which soar high over everything. Indeed, the vocals are the shining focus of the track and what encourages listeners to come back repeatedly — and to those who understand its intentions, Reyes’ fascinating incorporation of English idioms will be charming. Explains Reyes in the press release:
“Typically, I’d write a song about what a jerk that guy was but this time I thought I’d focus on the guy who was there and tried to console me. This song has a lot of American idioms and sayings in it: life is a cabaret, when life gives you lemon make lemonade, no use in crying over spilled milk, make the bed now lie in it, I shit the bed, and paint the town red. It will be impossible to translate into another language.” – Danny Reyes

My Darling Fury - Spilled Milk MP3 Download & Premiere


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