In 2012, we promoted and completed an Indiegogo fundraising campaign to aid us towards our goal of becoming a publication that inspires “conscious growth thru arts journalism”. Thanks to donations from 33 kind-hearted funders, we were able raise just over $3.5k to use towards more in-depth feature articles, graphical web layouts, and the promotion of interdisciplinary events. Thanks to all of these wonderful people for believing in us.

Sarah Applebaum is a Bay Area-based explorer. She hand-crafts brilliantly simple and adorably-shaped objects that can brighten up any room, and as she describes in an interview she did with REDEFINE, her works capture “the revelation of the mundane”. She’s a gem.

Jesse Dienner is a designer, writer, and musician based in the SF Bay Area. He is currently mixing and mastering an EP.

Robert Hardgrave has been a key player in the Seattle arts scene for quite some time. “snowtrack”, a dizzying black-and-white piece representative of his latest body of work, creates a world that seems to fill endlessly with stairs, slides, and wooden panels. Up and down become constantly inseparable, while stand-out figures — a wheel, a coffin, a C…? — catch one’s eye and confuse one’s mind even further.

Mihae Jung is a Prevention & Development Staff Member at WAPI, a Seattle-based organization that helps colored youth in the Seattle area deal with substance abuse and dependency issues through counseling, drug treatment programs, and arts and education programs.

Erin Kendig is a Seattle-based illustrator and artist who enjoys exploring complex themes with her artwork, such as: “the interplay between the micro and macro, how the many comprises the whole, ideas of perception and psychology, issues of connection and disconnect, relationships, the triumphs and failures of language and the narratives we construct.”

Jesse Pohlman‘s novel Physics Incarnate is a sci-fi novel and psychogical thriller rolled into one. The story follows a physicist who unwittingly finds himself confronting a secretive past he left behind — as well as a buxom blonde seeking revenge. It is available digitally or in paperback via Amazon.

Working Brilliant‘s latest artist, Lee Koch, found some success on NBC’s The Voice — and on his latest folk-Americana record, he takes inspiration from true love and marriage, and his rediscovered love of traveling and performing. “Trusty Branch” is the first acoustic single, and you can download it here.

Jon Lewis of Aan

Adam Boffa of Ambinate

Helio Camacho of Own Records

Matt Henderson and Van Pham of Xhurches

Daniel Lippel of New Focus Recordings

Clint Lunde of Ski Duck

Troy Micheau of Swahili

Rose Nomura

Emily Pothast of Midday Veil

Jacob Van Loon

Other Electricities

PLACE Gallery

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