Focus on Plastic‘s groovy basslines and the squishy sonic silliness underlying this track, as colorful animations weave through neon worlds at hyperspeed. A curious cast of characters emerges to dance and swing around the occasionally displayed lyric, and this playfully psychedelic music video, illustrated by Dawid Krępski, is all too fun a journey. It pays homage to classic animations such as The Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine” and Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”, working well with every element of the song’s quirkiness, even when it breaks down into its killer sax solos. Anything goes in this twirling dancey tango.

Explains Krępski:

The whole experience has been created in a traditional and very laborious animation process. The band has been featured by using the technique of rotoscoping – manually creating each frame based on footage. Over 1500 hand-drawn frames which were then scanned and digitally coloured, have been used in the video.


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