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Föllakzoid – “Electronic” (Sacred Bones)

To continue with the explorations of landscape comes some groovy, sand dune-traversing sounds from Chilean psychedelic band Föllakzoid. “Electronic”, the premiere track from their creatively-titled third album, III, is nearly twelve minutes long but could probably extend for triple that duration and never languish. This is the art of repetition in its finest jam-out mellow best, full of analog beauty within club music songwriting structures. Held within in a mystic wuality perhaps described best by the band itself, who state: “We work in a very similar structure to mantric songs or techno, we share a metric language there that coordinates the musical language. There are many layers in our music, most of them unknown even to us”.

They will be playing at Desert Daze on May 2nd in the deserts east of Los Angeles, and you can stream our mixtape for the festival here. STOKED.

III is out now on Sacred Bones Records.

Archival Feedback (Other Electricities – Track Premiere)

Outside of some of the huge art events and festivals which take place in Florida (Art Basel and ULTRA come to mind), Florida’s musical scene seems a relatively elusive entity — but it is certainly not without high-concept projects worth paying attention to. One of this lies in Archival Feedback, the latest project by Emile Milgrim and T. Wheeler Castillo, which collaboratively creates an environment for interdisciplinary dialogue, “stemming from an attempt to document the ever-changing landscape of South Florida.”

Archival Feedback

The project centers around field recordings (“calls”) collected by Milgrim and Wheeler Castillo between 2012-14 with corresponding “responses” composed by selected artists utilizing these recordings, all mastered by Rat Bastard at Dan Hosker Studio in Miami Beach. A collection of prints, authored and printed by Milgrim and Wheeler Castillo at Turn-Based Press in Miami, informs the listening, references history and reacts to the landscape.

Archival Feedback is research and fieldwork, print and sonic map. Contributing artists include Felecia Chizuko Carlisle, io.ko (Elegua Records), Fsik Huvnx (Other Electricities), Dim Past (Other Electricities), Jared McKay (Coral Morphologic), and Ortrotasce.


Today, we premiere io.ko’s ebbing and flowing track, “the worst drummer in little haiti”, which Wheeler Castillo says best encompasses the record’s explorations of “landscape as a place and a field of research.” The two tracks below, when offered side-by-side, give the full picture of the call-and-response structure of the release.

Archival Feedback comes out May 5th on Other Electrities. You can pre-order the record now on Bandcamp.

Ortrotasce’s “Echo Response” was the first single from the record.


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