“The rare scholars who are nomads-by-choice are essential to the intellectual welfare of the settled disciplines.”
Benoit Mandlebrot

REDEFINE magazine is dedicated to music and arts journalism that inspires conscious growth.

How is REDEFINE different? 

Through the use of interdisciplinary feature articles, community-minded events, and graphical web layouts, REDEFINE focuses on the utility of art beyond merely aesthetics. We explore how the arts influence and are influenced by other walks of life by connecting them with topics like charity work, literature, philosophy, science, spirituality, and politics — with the hope of creating a broad platform that inspires positive change.

The current incarnation of REDEFINE launched in the beginning of 2012.

REDEFINE is based primarily in the Pacific Northwest (Seattle and Portland), though we also have writers in other major U.S. cities and beyond.

We have an open solicitation policy and democratic model for arts coverage; anyone who sends us their work may have a chance of being covered. Please view our Submissions Policy for details.

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We are always looking for writers and photographers who are interested in innovative arts journalism. If you want to join our team, please send a note to letters@redefinemag.com explaining who you are, what you like about what we’re doing, and how you see yourself fitting into this publication! (Bonus points for anyone who includes his or her top 5-7 influences in music, art, film, literature, philosophy & social science, and science — whenever applicable — so we can get a sense of your tastes.)

We are also looking for infographics assistance and have some complex, WordPress-related PHP additions we would love to make to the site.

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We throw numerous events a year, in cities like Portland, Seattle, Austin, and New York.
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Write to us with comments, suggestions, words of support: letters@redefinemag.com.
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“Causation in human affairs is multiple… any given event has many causes. Hence it follows that there can be no single sovereign cure for the diseases of the body politic. The remedy for social disorder must be sought simultaneously in many different fields.”
Aldous Huxley, Ends And Means


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