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Ian F. King writes about music and other subjects. He is a regular contributor to Stereo Subversion, and his writing has appeared in Nylon, Slice Magazine, Volume 1 Brooklyn, Line - A Journal, Hobart, Pindeldyboz, Take the Handle, and other places. He is also the book reviews editor for KGB Bar Lit Magazine, and keeps an experiential music blog called Dear Jerks. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and cat. Please visit him at
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Film – Eclipse Album Review (Inner Ear Records)

The presence of a certain amount of retro sensibility on Film's Eclipse is indisputable, in fact embraced, but its initially high level of surface visibility only draws attention from the sum of their process for so long. The Vangelis synths and throwback science fiction effects (appropriately, there is a song here called "Star Wars") are...