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Thomas Eugene “Tom” Robbins (22 July 22 1936 – ?) is an American author. His best-selling novels are often wildly poetic stories with a strong social and philosophical undercurrent, an irreverent bent, and scenes extrapolated from carefully researched bizarre facts. He has written nine novels — the most famous of which is Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, a story about Sissy Hankshaw, a woman born with a mutation of enormously large thumbs that she decides to use for hitchhiking to New York. The novel covers various topics including free love, drug use, political rebellion, animal right, body odor, and religion. It was made into a movie in 1993 by Gus Van Sant. (WIKIPEDIA)

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Swahili – Self-Titled Album Review (w/ Full Album Stream)

The relationship between ritualistic drumming and consciousness alteration is an age old tradition stemming largely from the overlooked shamanic cultures of antiquity. It should go without saying that viewing the supposed “triumph” of Western materialism thought over the more “primitive” concepts of animism is a retardedly short-sighted way of oversimplifying the universe, but that’s the...Read...