With a drab color palette of greys and and blues, reminiscent of somber films like A Single Man, comes the music video for Antony And The Johnsons’ emotive new track, “Cut The World”. At just under 5 minutes, the music video features some well-known faces and figures, like William Dafoe, Marina Abramovic, and Carice van Houten. The slow-moving mini-drama finds its main strength in singular facial expressions, moods conveyed by slight gestures, and focuses on minuteia. And with this brief description, you should watch this video (along with the one for the philosophical “Future Feminine” — both available after the jump), as it is a miniature cinematic achievement in music video form.


Directed by Nabil


This title track comes from Cut The World, Antony’s new track which will be released on August 8th on Secretly Canadian. It is also one of many of Antony’s songs to be featured in The Life and Death of Marina Abramovic, a performance production centered around Abramovic’s death. (Antony himself, william Dafoe, Marina Abramovic, and Robert Wilson were all involved in this performance. You can see photos from it HERE.)

“Future Feminism”, the opening track on Cut The World, is not a song, but a straight-forward monologue from Antony about sexuality, politics, spirituality, and how it all relates to one another.

I’ve been searching and searching for that little bit of my consistution that isn’t of this place, and I still haven’t found it. Every atom of me, every element of me, seems to resonate; it seems to reflect the great world around me.” — Antony Hegarty, in “Future Feminism”


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