Spectral Hypnosis is a recurring series, featuring mesmerizing songs for one to lose sense of time and space, mind and body. This time: favorite new electronic meanderings from Rival Consoles and Peter Broderick, the consistent and darkly charming universe of ERAAS, the POLIÇA / GAYNGS member side-project Marijuana Deathsquads, and more from Tati Ana and Applescal & Ryan Davis.


Rival Consoles & Peter Broderick – “Soul”

Rival Consoles’ synthy video game percolations meet with the expressive vocals of Portland’s Peter Broderick on “Soul”, a hypnotic adventure of a track. Taking the isolated vocal foundation from “Proposed Solution to the Mystery of the Soul” off Broderick’s 2012 record, These Walls of Mine, this “remix” transforms the minimal, percussive ricochets of the original into its own busy, expressive undulations. Occupying a towering and dynamic sonic space, this track is one of my favorites of the year, and at once makes me want to hear more from Rival Consoles and Peter Broderick — which is a rare feat for remix tracks, which often retain very little charm from their original inspirations.

This track comes from the London producer’s EP Odyssey, which you can stream below in its entirety. It is all good, and it’s available now on Erased Tapes. Peter Broderick has also just reissued Float 2013, a lovely rework of his modern classical record from 2008, Float. Stream it here.


ERAAS, those proven lovers of reds and whites, are back again with Initiation, their November 12th, 2013 record on Felte. Eight tracks of atmospheric sounds present listeners with spaces as much reminiscent of hollowed, blown out buildings as of sweet bitterness and love-making on the grounds of gothic churches. Initiation feels like an appropriate continuation of the band’s catalog; “Initiation” provides a glimpse into that mystery.


Applescal & Ryan Davis – “Creatures” (Dark Edit)

A “Dark Edit” remix from Applescal & Ryan Davis’ 3-track Creatures EP, this track develops slowly, ambling through sanctuaries of synth washes and humming atmospherics before exploding into drum-heavy, organic clutterings that dissipate almost as quickly as they came.


Tati Ana

“Dramatic” is the name of the game on this creeping vocal experiment by the androgynously-voiced Moscow musician Tatiana Kochkareva, aka Tati Ana. This comes from her early 2014 release, though the rest is notably less moody.


Marijuana Deathsquads – “Ewok Sadness”

When one learns that Marijuana Deathsquads is the project of Ryan Olson from POLIÇA and GAYNGS, Isaac Gale, and Stefon Alexander of P.O.S., the strange whirlwind at hand begins to make a little bit more sense. Passing through a effected vocal and percussive overload pastiche of GAYNGS and POLIÇA staple moves, Marijuana Deathsquads are the most experimental and fragmented of the associated bunch. On “Ewok Sadness”, for example, they damn near pummel listeners into submission.

Marijuana Deathsquads’ latest, Oh My Sexy Lord, is out now on Totally Gross National Product; they’re also touring this fall with POLIÇA.



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