We have an open submission policy — but please read the FAQ below before submitting.

[1] To reduce consumption and environmental waste, we encourage digital submissions and overwhelmingly prefer them. Bandcamp links, Soundcloud links, and links to direct MP3 files are MOST preferred. Please do not send us your music, art, or press kit files that are over 1MB; they will be ignored or be considered spam!

[2] We cannot guarantee coverage for everyone that sends us material, and we apologize in advance if we don’t respond to your message (though we certainly try).

[3] All links to files, personal letters, one-sheets, and other information can be mailed to letters@redefinemag.com.

[4] You are encouraged to understand what we are about, and feel free to show that understanding in your message!



How is REDEFINE pronounced?
The name of our magazine is REDEFINE, which is pronounced, ree-dee-fine, kids! Not Redefined or Redifine or even Ready-Fine (yes, that is an actual pronunciation someone has used). “Redefine” is, in essence, to “define again” aka… re-define. The name of the publication was originally inspired by the Incubus song, “Redefine.”

I like your publication. How can we help it grow?
There are a plethora of options; click here to see them all!

Can we send you items for review?

Do you prefer digital submissions over physical ones?
Yes. As of March 2012, we will no longer be accepting physical submissions and will be closing our PO Box. Hi, Digital Age.

Do you cover literature or writing?
No. But we do encourage thoughtful article proposals involving music, art, and film coverage via literary themes… and cross-over between the arts and any other field of study, for that matter.

How do I become a REDEFINE writer?
[1] Decide if you really believe in our magazine’s mission and methods of operation, both of which you can read about here;
[2] Familiarize your mind with the prospect of receiving minimal pay for your services;
[3] Mail your interests, musical tastes, writing samples, and cover letter to letters@redefinemag.com;
[4] Wait for us to respond!

How do I become a REDEFINE photographer?
We currently are not in need of photographers, unless you are a photographer who can also write (in which case, you will find direction in the previous question).

Are you still a printed magazine?
We’ve ceased regular printings as of 2010, but will have occasional limited run issues. Back copies are available at MagCloud.com, and soon in our store.

Are you on social networking sites?
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Redefine-Magazine/145584487784
Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/redefinemag
Tumblr – http://redefinemagazine.tumblr.com/
Last.fm – http://www.last.fm/group/redefine+magazine+-+fighting+the+independent+fight


What are my chances of being covered in your magazine?
This is wholly circumstantial and not at all scientific or predictable! Coverage depends largely on what types of submissions we are receiving at any given time. Essentially, different writers cover different niche markets. If we are receiving a lot of post-rock albums, for example, and all of our writers who cover post-rock albums are busy covering post-rock albums, your chances of [timely] coverage will be lower. We are arranged in such a manner because it would be silly to have a pop-punk wizard covering post-rock albums, naturally.

Do you review demos?
No. Never.

Do you review EPs?
Sometimes, but they are often given shorter reviews.


What are the chances of my art being covered in your magazine?
We’re a lot pickier about art coverage than we are about music coverage and cover much less of it. We only cover the best materials that get sent our way, so your chances of your art being covered are pretty low — but we encourage your submissions. Please do not attach large files.


Do you review short films aka film shorts?
Yes, we do. Please inquire via e-mail about submission methods — or send a digital link.

What are my chances of my film being covered in your magazine?
Honestly fairly slim. The slimmest of all three arts.

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